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About Us

Overview & Uniqueness

Konishi & Nakamura (K&N) expertise practices in the field of intellectual property. K&N established in April 1st, 2001. While K&N does not have a big size, we have many of unique features to which the manageable size can contribute. We have a lot of DO that cannot be seen at a big size firm.

K&N locates in the hub city of the Central Japan, Nagoya, industry and exporting-oriented. Nagoya is a historical city as well. We keep providing a high-quality and competitive legal services beneficial to IP activities of all of the clients from this manufacturing-oriented region.

Do Work by Team

K&N consists of two teams, Patent & Utility Model Team and Trademark & Design Team. An attorney of one team does share a client but not a subject of IP.

Do Act Quickly

K&N has two teams that have own experts depending on the field of the IP. This makes that a client can expect a quick response. Attorneys are as usual engaged in practicing for the one filed of IP. This expertise may contribute to make a quick response to answer a question by a client.

Do Flex

K&N is manageable size. This enables us to act client-oriented formula of work in terms of turnaround, attorney fee and request by a client.

Do in Person

K&N put a value on personal contact with a client. All the work is managed and contributed by two attorneys who has responsible for the work.

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